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Born into a home with a mother as an artist, and a father as a tool maker, Anton Pienaar was always destined to become a creator.

Drawing from an early age, Anton excelled in art classes and eventually became the “go to guy” for designing and drawing art for school projects, and even started making money from his art in high school by doing yearly paintings of grade 12 shirts for their farewell school day.

His Road To Becoming An Artist

With an uncertain future in art, Anton decided not to study art after school, but his passion for art drove him to explore into more and more aspects of art ranging from large scale paint effects, murals and airbrush art, to wood carving and more. He became involved in corporate projects that included large scale work like the painting of a whale on a boeing, 3d and ageing techniques of large buildings, and murals for clothing stores and large gaming companies to name just a few.

What Media Does Anton Use?

Anton became skilled in a wide range of art mediums like airbrush art, digital art and illustrations, woodcarving and cabinet making, plaster art and paint effects, photography, and of course more traditional mediums such as oil paints, pencils etc.

Today Anton is still continuing his appetite for creation by pushing himself to create better portrait and figure studies, while still pursuing other art forms in woodworking and knife making.

It is his belief that one should not limit oneself to a singular art form as this stunts growth as an artist, and even though this may work out well for certain artists when it comes to creating an identity and making money, he believes that it creates a flatness in the artist

Life Outside The Studio

When Anton isn’t working, he and his wife like to jump on the motorcycle and tour the countryside. He also enjoys woodworking, surfing and Ju Jitsu (he is currently shodan (4th black belt), used to have a club in Pretoria and will hopefully open one soon in Jeffreys Bay.

Moebius by Anton Pienaar