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010 Pan Pastel Medium Colourless Blender

The PanPastel Medium Colorless Blender is a versatile tool used in conjunction with PanPastel Colors to achieve various effects and enhance the quality of pastel artworks. Here are the key features and applications of the PanPastel Colorless Blender:

  1. Increases Transparency: When applied, the Colorless Blender increases the transparency of the PanPastel Colors, allowing underlying layers to show through. This effect can be useful for creating glazes or adding subtle layers of color.
  2. Enhances Color “Flow”: The Colorless Blender can improve the flow of the PanPastel Colors, making them spread more smoothly and evenly on the paper. This can be helpful in achieving seamless transitions and gradients in your artwork.
  3. Pre-Color Application: The Colorless Blender can be applied before the PanPastel Colors, acting as a base layer to modify the characteristics of the subsequent colors. This technique can help create unique textures and effects.
  4. Post-Color Application: Alternatively, the Colorless Blender can be mixed with the PanPastel Colors after they are applied to the paper. This allows for blending and softening edges, as well as creating additional color variations.
  5. Mixable and Erasable: The Colorless Blender, like PanPastel Colors, is mixable with other colors and can be erased or lifted off the paper, providing flexibility in the creative process.
  6. Low Dust: PanPastel Colors are known for their low dust formulation, and the Colorless Blender follows suit, minimizing mess and keeping the workspace tidy.
  7. Lightfast and Professional Quality: The Colorless Blender maintains the same high quality as PanPastel Colors, ensuring that your artwork remains lightfast and retains its vibrant colors over time.


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The PanPastel Medium Colorless Blender is an indispensable tool for artists working with PanPastel Colors, enabling them to experiment with various effects and techniques. Its versatility and compatibility with PanPastel Colors make it an essential addition to any pastel artist’s toolkit, offering endless possibilities for creative expression and producing professional-quality artworks.