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011 Pan Pastel Medium Fine Pearl White

The PanPastel Medium Fine Pearl White is a pearlescent medium designed to add a lustrous sheen and shimmer effects to artworks. Here are the key features and applications of the PanPastel Medium Fine Pearl White:

  1. Pearlescent Sheen: The Fine Pearl White medium creates a soft and subtle pearlescent sheen on artworks, adding dimension and visual interest. The pearlescent effect changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed, creating a dynamic and captivating appearance.
  2. Mica-Based: The pearlescent medium is mica-based, which is a naturally occurring mineral known for its shimmering and reflective properties.
  3. Tinting Colors: The Pearl White medium can be used to tint PanPastel Colors, adding a soft pearlescent sheen to the existing colors. This allows artists to customize their palette and create unique effects.
  4. Mixable: The Pearl White medium can be easily mixed with PanPastel Colors to create custom pearlescent colors. This versatility allows for endless possibilities in color combinations.
  5. Standalone Use: The medium can also be used on its own in mixed media artworks, providing a beautiful pearlescent effect.
  6. Fine Particles: The Fine Pearl White medium contains smaller mica particles, resulting in a more delicate and subtle pearlescent sheen.
  7. Low Dust: As with other PanPastel products, the Pearl White medium has a low-dust formulation, keeping the workspace clean and tidy.
  8. Lightfast and Professional Quality: The Pearl White medium maintains the high quality of PanPastel Colors, ensuring that the artworks retain their vibrant colors and shimmering effects over time.


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The PanPastel Medium Fine Pearl White is a fantastic tool for artists seeking to add a touch of elegance and dimension to their artworks. Its ability to be mixed with PanPastel Colors and used on its own makes it a versatile and creative addition to the artist’s toolkit. Whether used for tinting, highlighting, or creating unique pearlescent effects, this medium enhances the creative possibilities and allows artists to achieve professional-quality results with ease.