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10-well Plastic Palette

The 10-well Plastic Palette is a versatile and convenient tool for artists, especially those working with watercolors, gouache, acrylics, or other types of paint. It provides 10 separate wells to hold and mix different colors, allowing artists to keep their pigments organized and readily accessible during their painting sessions.

Key features of the 10-well Plastic Palette include:

  1. 10 Wells: The palette has 10 individual wells, which can be used to hold different colors or to mix various shades of paint.
  2. Pure White Tray: The tray is made of pure white plastic, providing a neutral background that allows artists to accurately judge color values and mixtures.
  3. Diameter: The palette measures approximately 17cm in diameter, making it compact and easy to hold while still offering ample mixing space.
  4. Clear Plastic Cover: The palette comes with a clear plastic cover that fits snugly over the wells. The cover helps keep the paint fresh and prevents it from drying out between painting sessions.
  5. Dual Functionality: The clear plastic cover can also serve as an additional mixing surface. Artists can use both the wells and the cover to expand their color palette and experiment with various color combinations.


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The 10-well Plastic Palette is a practical and user-friendly tool for artists of all levels. Its compact size makes it portable and suitable for both studio work and outdoor painting. With its multiple wells and additional mixing surface, artists have the freedom to explore and create an array of colors without the need for separate palettes. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, this plastic palette can help keep your paints organized and accessible while providing a clean and efficient working space for your artistic endeavors.