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110 Maimeri Classico Oil 60ml – Permanent Yellow Orange

Maimeri Classico Oils have undergone extensive research and experimentation to enhance their natural qualities and effects while maintaining an affordable price. The latest improvement is the inclusion of real cadmiums in the paint range, which is now available at the same low price.

In the past, cadmium and cobalt-based colors were used in the Classico Oils, but they have now been replaced with organic pigments such as azoics, quinacridones, and pthalocyanides. These pigments offer excellent lightfastness, meaning they resist fading over time, and they also exhibit a vibrant and lively range of tones.

What sets the Classico Fine Oil Colors apart is their versatility. All the colors in the range can be mixed together without any restrictions, allowing artists to create a wide variety of hues and shades. This range is known for its exceptional quality-to-price ratio, as it is produced using contemporary pigments of excellent quality, combined with raw linseed oil and safflower oil.

Despite the affordable price, Maimeri Classico Oils should not be mistaken for “student grade” colors. They offer far more than what is typically associated with lower-priced paints. This line has gained popularity among artists of all levels and has become a staple for many. Maimeri Classico Oils are manufactured without shortcuts, waxes, or thickeners, and all colors are lightfast, ensuring the longevity of the artwork created with them.


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In summary, Maimeri Classico Oils have undergone extensive research and development to improve their qualities and effects while keeping the price moderate. The inclusion of real cadmiums and the use of high-quality organic pigments contribute to the range’s exceptional lightfastness and vibrant tones. Artists can mix the colors freely, and the paints are known for their reliability and affordability, offering more than what is typically expected from paints in a similar price range.