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112 Daler Rowney Designers Gouache – Coeruleum Hue

Introducing Designers’ Gouache:
Designers’ Gouache by Daler-Rowney is an impressive collection of gouache paints specially crafted for professional illustrators and graphic artists. These paints are designed to be used straight from the tube and offer opaque, rich colors, making them perfect for various artistic projects.

Versatile Tools:
Artists can employ a variety of tools when working with Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache, depending on their specific needs. Whether using brushes, ruling pens, or airbrushes, they can achieve equally impressive results. For a seamless outcome, consider complementing your gouache work with Daler-Rowney’s Sapphire brushes. This durable brush set, available in a wide range of head shapes, provides an affordable option for artists seeking to enhance their gouache creations.


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High-Quality Pigment:
Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache boasts top-quality pigments, ensuring vibrant illustrations that truly stand out. While it performs exceptionally on its own, it can also be combined with transparent watercolors for a more delicate aesthetic.

Intermixable Colors:
The colors in the Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache paint set are fully intermixable, allowing artists to achieve consistent color matches time and time again. With excellent tinting strength and resistance to smudging and erasing, Designers’ Gouache enables artists to create elegant and purposeful artwork with each brushstroke.

Elegant Texture and Coverage:
In addition to its exceptional opacity and full-bodied color, Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache offers a smooth, flowing texture. This seamless texture, combined with its superb covering power, ensures a delightful painting experience.