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125 Maimeri Blu 12ml – Orange Lake

MaimeriBlu watercolors possess a legacy as vibrant as the pigments they contain. These internationally renowned watercolors are trusted by artists for their exceptional performance, making them the ultimate choice for those seeking an exquisite, authentically pure paint that elevates their artistic practice.

Formulated with meticulous precision, MaimeriBlu watercolors consist of just three essential ingredients. Each tube features a carefully selected single pigment, combined with natural gum arabic and impeccably clear glycerin. This thoughtfully crafted composition ensures a solid hold, whether the paint is wet or dry, and allows the pigments to shine brilliantly on the paper.

Every stage of the manufacturing process follows artisanal methods, resulting in the creation of beautifully rich watercolor paints. MaimeriBlu offers an impressive range of colors, each formulated with the purest pigments. By intentionally using only one pigment in each tube of paint, these watercolors provide an expansive color palette, allowing for limitless layering possibilities and impeccable tonal overlapping.

Our professional watercolor tubes exclusively contain natural Kordofan gum Arabic from Sudan, along with glycerine and a meticulously selected single pigment. This exclusive composition ensures a paint that effortlessly flows from brush to paper, creating stunning results with remarkable ease.


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The extraordinary transparency of MaimeriBlu watercolors is a result of the optimal pigment load they carry. Even when heavily diluted, these transparent watercolors maintain powerful chromatic strength, enabling vibrant streams of graduated shading.

Unsurpassed lightfastness is another hallmark of MaimeriBlu watercolors. Each pigment is chosen for its maximum resistance to light, ensuring long-lasting brilliance in your artwork. Combined with other premium ingredients, these watercolors create a harmonious balance that prevents cracking or flaking, providing a solid hold both when wet and dry.

Experience the unrivaled quality and vibrant expression of MaimeriBlu watercolors as they breathe new life into your artistic vision. Whether used straight from the tube or diluted to your desired consistency, these watercolors will impress with their exceptional performance.