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174 Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic 50ml – Prussian Blue Hue

Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic Paint is a line of high-quality and affordable art supplies proudly made in South Africa. The acrylic paint is available in 50ml tubes, and they offer a range of 35 beautiful artists’ acrylic colors. Additionally, they have a 100ml tube specifically for the color “Titanium White.”

Here are some key points about Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic Paint:

  1. Local and Affordable: Zellen takes pride in being a locally made brand in South Africa. Their commitment to providing affordable art supplies makes it accessible to a wider range of artists, including both professionals and students.
  2. Wide Range of Colors: With 35 beautiful artists’ acrylic colors available, artists have a diverse palette to work with. A variety of colors allows for creativity and the ability to mix custom shades for unique artworks.
  3. 50ml Tubes: The acrylic paint comes in 50ml tubes, which are a convenient size for both small and medium-sized projects. The smaller tube size is suitable for artists who need just the right amount of paint for their work or who want to try out different colors without committing to larger quantities.
  4. Titanium White in 100ml Tube: Titanium White, being a crucial color in acrylic painting, is available in a larger 100ml tube. The larger size of this popular color ensures that artists have enough paint for multiple projects or larger canvases.
  5. Suitable for Artists and Students: The Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic Paint range caters to both professional artists and students. Professional artists will appreciate the quality and color selection, while students can benefit from the affordability without compromising on performance.


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In summary, Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic Paint is a local and cost-effective option for artists looking for high-quality acrylic paints. With a wide range of colors and different tube sizes, artists can enjoy the flexibility to create their artworks with ease. Whether you are an established artist or just starting your artistic journey, Zellen Zelcryl Acrylic Paint offers a suitable solution for your acrylic painting needs.