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186 Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen – Terracotta

The Pitt Artist Pen Brush, manufactured by Faber-Castell, is a versatile tool designed for artists and graphic artists who appreciate the artistic tradition of ink drawings. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and product details:

  1. Pigmented India Ink: The pen contains pigmented India ink. This type of ink provides rich, deep lines that contribute to the expressive quality of ink drawings.
  2. High Lightfastness: The ink used in the pen is highly lightfast, meaning it’s resistant to fading over time. This ensures that your drawings and illustrations will maintain their vibrancy and quality for an extended period.
  3. Flexible Brush Tip, Retains Its Shape: The pen features a flexible brush tip that retains its shape even after repeated use. This flexible tip allows for a range of brush strokes, from fine lines to broader strokes, giving artists the ability to create varied textures and effects.
  4. Waterproof and Permanent: The ink is waterproof and permanent, meaning it won’t smudge or blur when exposed to water or other liquids. This feature ensures that your artwork remains intact and vibrant, even if it comes into contact with moisture.
  5. Odorless, Acid-Free, pH Neutral: The pen’s ink is odorless and acid-free, ensuring a comfortable and safe drawing experience. The pH-neutral quality of the ink makes it less likely to degrade paper or cause yellowing over time.
  6. No Bleeding Through Paper: The ink is formulated to prevent bleeding through paper. This characteristic is valuable when working with thinner paper or when you want to create double-sided drawings without ink showing through.

The Pitt Artist Pen Brush offers a combination of traditional ink drawing qualities with the convenience of a modern brush pen. Its features such as pigmented ink, high lightfastness, flexibility, and waterproof properties make it a reliable tool for various artistic pursuits, including sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design, and illustration. The ability to create expressive lines and varied textures adds depth and character to your artwork.


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