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250-8 Pan Pastel Diarylide Yellow Tint

PanPastel is a unique and high-quality line of artists’ pigments that offers rich and concentrated colors. It is known for its ultra-soft and super-blendable characteristics, making it a popular choice among artists. Here are some key features of PanPastel:

  1. Finest Quality Pigments: Each PanPastel color is made with the finest quality artists’ pigments, ensuring vibrant and intense colors that artists can rely on for their artwork.
  2. Minimal Binder & Fillers: PanPastel is manufactured using a special process that requires minimal binder and fillers. This means that the pigments are the primary component, resulting in a high concentration of color and excellent color purity.
  3. Rich and Concentrated Colors: Due to the minimal use of binder and fillers, PanPastel colors are incredibly rich and concentrated, offering artists the ability to achieve bold and vivid results in their work.
  4. Ultra-Soft Texture: PanPastel has an ultra-soft texture, which allows for smooth and effortless application. The softness of the pigments makes them blend easily, creating seamless transitions and gradients in the artwork.
  5. Super-Blendable: The soft and smooth nature of PanPastel pigments makes them highly blendable. Artists can easily blend colors together to create custom shades and achieve a wide range of effects.
  6. Versatility: PanPastel is versatile and can be used for various art techniques, including drawing, painting, and mixed media projects.
  7. Lightfast and Professional Quality: The pigments used in PanPastel are of high quality and lightfast, ensuring that the artwork will retain its vibrancy and colors over time.

PanPastel is a preferred choice for artists who value the purity of color and the ability to blend seamlessly. Its rich, ultra-soft pigments provide a delightful experience in the creative process, allowing artists to achieve stunning and professional-quality results in their artwork.


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