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263 Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours Series 2 – French Ultramarine

Winsor & Newton’s Professional Watercolour range continues to be formulated based on their founding principles of providing artists with unparalleled colours and a wide, balanced selection of pigments.

One of the outstanding qualities of the Professional Watercolour range is its unrivalled transparency. The paints are formulated using the highest quality methods to ensure optimal pigment dispersion, resulting in transparent washes that retain their vibrancy and luminescence. This transparency allows for layering and glazing techniques, creating depth and luminosity in watercolour paintings.

Lightfastness and permanence are vital considerations for artists who want their artworks to stand the test of time. In the Professional Watercolour range, 104 out of the 108 colours are rated AA or A for permanence. This means that the colours used in paintings today will retain their appearance and integrity for generations to come. The high permanence ratings ensure that the hues remain true and do not fade or change over time, providing artists with confidence in the longevity of their artwork.


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In summary, Winsor & Newton’s Professional Watercolour range adheres to their founding principles by offering artists an extensive choice of pigments and unmatched colours. The paints’ unrivalled transparency is achieved through precise pigment dispersion, resulting in vibrant and luminescent washes. Additionally, the majority of the colours in the range have high lightfastness ratings, guaranteeing their permanence and allowing artists to create artworks that will maintain their brilliance for generations.