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319 Winsor & Newton Artist Oil 37ml Series 2 – Indian Yellow

Formulated with the finest pigments, our oil paints offer beautiful colors with excellent tinting strength. They can be applied thickly or thinned down to achieve very fine glazes, allowing artists to explore a range of techniques and effects.

One of the reasons we prioritize single pigment colors is to ensure clean and accurate mixing. By using single pigments, we create individual colors that can be confidently mixed together without muddying or compromising their integrity. In our range, you’ll find over 80 single pigment colors, providing artists with the ability to create new variations with confidence.

Our oil paints are crafted with consistent production methods to deliver reliable results. Drawing on over 190 years of research, expertise, and the highest quality production techniques, we guarantee that every tube of paint will provide the same high-quality performance every time. This consistency allows artists to work with confidence and achieve consistent results in their artwork.

The ratio of oil to pigment in each tube of our Artists’ Oil Paint is carefully calculated. This ratio varies from color to color because different pigments have specific characteristics and requirements. Some pigments need to be ground finer than others, and they may also require different amounts of oil to achieve optimal performance. By adjusting the oil content based on each pigment’s needs, we ensure that each color performs at its best.


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Lightfastness and permanence are crucial factors in ensuring the longevity of artwork. Our oil colors undergo rigorous testing to meet these standards. Lightfastness refers to the ability of a color to resist fading when exposed to light over time. Our oil colors have some of the best ratings in this regard, typically at least AA or A, offering artists confidence in the archival quality of their work.

In summary, our oil paints are formulated with the finest pigments, allowing for beautiful colors with excellent tinting strength. Single pigment colors ensure clean and accurate mixing, and our consistent production methods provide reliable results. The ratio of oil to pigment is carefully calculated for optimal performance. Our oil colors are also tested for lightfastness and permanence, ensuring that your artwork will stand the test of time.