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373 Maimeri Puro Oil 40ml – Cobalt Blue Light

Absolutely Exquisite… Pure Pigment Infused with Fine Oil!

Maimeri Puro Superior Oil Colors are a testament to remarkable technical achievement, embodying the perfect blend of advancement and tradition in oil painting. With a focus on restoring the exceptional simplicity and quality of original oil colors, painter and paint manufacturer Gianni Maimeri envisioned a dream come true. Crafted in Italy, Puro oil paints offer a superior balance between binder and pigment, delivering unparalleled excellence.

Experience the extraordinary quality and remarkable performance of Maimeri Puro Superior Oil Colors. Embrace the purity of pure pigments combined with the finest oils, elevating your artistic expression to new heights.



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Key Features:
Crafted with meticulous care in Italy
Exhibits the highest degree of lightfastness
30% more concentrated than other artists’ oils
Single-pigment colors for seamless blending
Smooth and velvety consistency with consistent clarity
Unparalleled brilliance that captivates the eye
Purely oil and pigment, devoid of any additives
Rich and transparent, adding depth to your artwork

Perfect For:
Discerning artists seeking the finest oils
Creating striking impasto effects
Professional oil painters striving for perfection
Passionate pigment enthusiasts
Optimizing the longevity of your paint supply
Elevating your artistry to professional-grade oils
Achieving exceptional chromatic results