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451 Maimeri Artist 60ml – Cobalt Violet Pale

Maimeri Artist Oil in the color “Cobalt Violet Pale” is a premium-quality oil paint that reflects the rich tradition and innovation of Maimeri, a well-known Italian painter and the founder of the company. Here are some key features and details about this oil paint:

  1. Original Formulas: Maimeri Artist Oil is still manufactured based on the original formulas developed by Gianni Maimeri himself in 1922. These formulas have stood the test of time and continue to deliver exceptional quality to artists.
  2. Premium-Quality: The Artisti Oils represent the best of both tradition and innovation, providing artists with a high-quality product that meets professional standards.
  3. Just Oil and Pigment: Maimeri’s directive in formulating these paints was to keep it simple and pure, using only oil and pigment with no additives or wax. This results in an oil color of remarkable purity and intensity.
  4. Best Pigments: The company sources the best pigments from around the world to create their oil colors. This ensures that the paints offer excellent coloring power and brilliance.
  5. Intensity and Brilliance: Maimeri Artist Oil is known for its vibrant and intense colors, which produce paintings with striking visual impact and depth.
  6. Cobalt Violet Pale: The specific color “Cobalt Violet Pale” is a delicate violet hue, likely made from genuine cobalt violet pigment. Cobalt pigments are known for their high quality and lightfastness.


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Maimeri Artist Oil is favored by artists who seek the utmost quality in their oil paints. The adherence to traditional methods, along with the use of the finest pigments, results in a product that provides exceptional results on the canvas. The remarkable purity, intensity, and coloring power of these oil colors make them a valuable tool for artists striving to achieve the best possible outcomes in their artwork.