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620 Gamblin 1980 Artist Oil 37ml – Raw Umber (Series 1)

Gamblin 1980 Artist Oil is a high-quality oil paint range known for its excellent pigment quality and luscious texture. Here are some key features and details about this oil paint:

  1. Pigment Quality: Gamblin 1980 Artist Oil is made with excellent pigment quality, ensuring rich and vibrant colors in the artwork. High-quality pigments contribute to the paint’s durability and longevity.
  2. Luscious Texture: The oil paint has a luscious texture, which allows artists to work more freely and directly with the paints. The smooth and creamy consistency of the paint makes it a pleasure to use on the canvas.
  3. Versatile Range: Gamblin offers a wide range of oil colors, catering to various artistic needs. The range includes Mineral Colors, made from inorganic pigments derived from metal ores; Modern Colors, made from organic pigments with carbon-based properties; Radiants, which are intense tints mixed with pure color and white; as well as a selection of whites, greys, and blacks.
  4. Famous Mediums: In addition to their oil colors, Gamblin is renowned for its world-famous range of mediums. These mediums provide artists with various options to manipulate the paint, alter its consistency, and achieve specific effects in their artwork.


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Gamblin 1980 Artist Oil is a popular choice among artists for its quality and versatility. The range of colors allows artists to explore various palettes and achieve different effects in their oil paintings. The combination of excellent pigments and luscious texture gives artists the freedom to express their creativity and bring their artistic vision to life on the canvas. Whether you are a professional artist or an art enthusiast, Gamblin 1980 Artist Oil provides a reliable and rewarding oil paint option for your artistic endeavors.