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657 Ecoline Liquid Watercolour 30ml Bronze Green

Ecoline Liquid Watercolour is a type of brilliant liquid watercolor paint that is based on dye and gum arabic. It comes in round bottles designed for convenience and stability, with a wide opening that makes it easy to work directly from the bottle using a brush or pen. The bottle also features a handy pipette, which allows for precise dosing of the Ecoline into mixing trays or directly onto your artwork.

The transparent colors of Ecoline work best on white or very light-colored paper, providing excellent results when used on these surfaces. The paint can be blended with water and a brush to create beautiful watercolor effects and smooth color transitions. Additionally, it can be applied to wet paper for wet-on-wet techniques, which can lead to interesting and dynamic watercolor effects.

Ecoline Liquid Watercolors adhere well to various types of paper, including watercolor paper, drawing paper, and cardboard. This makes it versatile for different artistic projects and applications.

To ensure optimal color retention, it is recommended to store your artworks created with Ecoline in a portfolio or a suitable storage solution.

Overall, Ecoline Liquid Watercolour is a versatile and user-friendly option for artists who enjoy working with liquid watercolors, offering a range of techniques and possibilities for creating vibrant and expressive artworks.


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