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663 Daler Rowney Oil 38ml – Yellow Ochre

Georgian Oil Colours by Daler-Rowney are meticulously crafted using carefully selected permanent, organic pigments to ensure exceptional standards of durability, reliability, lightfastness, and working properties. These vibrant oil paint colours possess a low-odour formula and can be applied directly from the tube using a brush or knife. Alternatively, they can be thinned to create exquisite glazes.

Crafted in a traditional manner and triple-milled to perfection, these colours boast a high pigment load that includes esteemed cadmium and cobalt pigments. They offer remarkable permanence (3*) and brilliance, while maintaining a smooth and buttery consistency. The intermixable nature of the colours ensures consistent results from wet to dry. Each batch is meticulously blended and tested to ensure the utmost brilliance, tint, and texture.

Georgian Oil Colours adhere to the same stringent standards as Professional Artists’ Oil Colours, meeting the expectations of discerning artists. They are proudly made in England.


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Furthermore, Daler-Rowney Georgian oils have a drying time of 4 to 7 days, providing artists with a reliable, quick, and even drying experience. Depending on the specific colour, the surface will be dry within this timeframe. The Georgian Oil range includes four genuine cadmium and cobalt colours at a single price point, as well as alternative hues for those who prefer alternatives. Suitable for both professional and amateur artists, Georgian Oil, along with Georgian Water Mixable Oil, mediums, brushes, pads, and artboards, offers a comprehensive suite of perfectly compatible oil painting products for artists of all expertise levels.