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7450 Golden Open Alizarin Crimson Hue

These paints are known for their slower drying time compared to the Heavy Body paints, and they have a slightly softer consistency. This extended working time allows artists to employ more traditional techniques that were typically associated with oil paints.

Thick applications of OPEN Acrylics can dry exceptionally slowly, so it is advisable to use them thinly, preferably less than 1 mm in thickness. If faster drying is desired, OPEN can be mixed with other acrylic paints such as Fluid and Heavy Body colors, which have a quicker drying time. This mixture helps accelerate the drying process while still retaining some of the slow-drying properties of OPEN.

The slow-drying nature of OPEN Acrylics also makes them suitable for certain printmaking techniques. The extended working time enables artists to create prints with greater control and precision.


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One advantage of OPEN Acrylics is that they allow artists to preserve their color mixtures and minimize paint wastage. By covering their palettes or using sealed containers, painters have been able to keep the same colors usable for weeks. This feature is especially beneficial for artists who work on large projects or require longer periods to complete their artwork. It allows them to return to their palettes and continue working with the same color mixtures without having to remix them every time.

Overall, OPEN Acrylics offer artists the unique advantage of extended working time and the ability to preserve color mixtures, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in their painting process.