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812 Rembrandt Oil 40ml – Phthalo Green Yellow

Rembrandt Oil Paints, produced by Royal Talens in Holland, are a premium range of oil paints known for their exceptional quality and lightfastness. Here are some key features and details about Rembrandt Oil Paints:

  1. Best Raw Materials: Rembrandt Oil Paints are made with the best raw materials, ensuring the highest quality and performance in the final product.
  2. Professional Grade: These oil paints are considered professional grade, making them a top choice for artists who seek the best possible materials for their artworks.
  3. Lightfastness: All the colors in the Rembrandt Oil Paint range are entirely lightfast, meaning they will not fade or deteriorate over time when exposed to light. They are rated to last 100 years or more in museum conditions, providing a long-lasting quality to the artworks.
  4. Extra Fine Ground Pigments: Rembrandt pigments are ground extra fine on a three-roll mill, resulting in a smooth and buttery texture. The fine grinding process contributes to the paint’s luxurious feel and easy handling on the canvas.
  5. Transparent Earth Colors: Among the 120 colors in the Rembrandt Oil Paint range, the most famous are the transparent earth colors. These colors offer an unparalleled degree of brilliance and depth of transparency, making them highly valued and widely used by artists.
  6. Rich and Buttery Feel: The fine grinding of pigments and the use of high-quality materials give Rembrandt Oil Paints a rich and buttery feel, making them a joy to work with for artists.


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Rembrandt Oil Paints have a well-deserved reputation for their high quality and lightfastness, making them a favorite among professional artists. The extensive color range and the inclusion of transparent earth colors provide artists with a wide array of options to express their creativity and achieve stunning results in their oil paintings. Whether you are an experienced artist or a budding talent, Rembrandt Oil Paints offer a superior painting experience and a vast range of colors to explore and create with.