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951-5 Pan Pastel Pearlescent Yellow

PanPastel Pearlescent Colors are a special line of lustrous pearlescent pigments that can be used on their own or mixed with the original PanPastel colors to create custom pearlescent effects. Here are the key features and applications of PanPastel Pearlescent Colors:

  1. Lustrous Pearlescent Effects: The Pearlescent Colors in the PanPastel line offer a beautiful lustrous pearlescent effect, adding a touch of elegance and shimmer to the artwork.
  2. Standalone Use or Mixing: These pearlescent pigments can be used on their own to create stunning pearlescent artworks, or they can be mixed with any of the 80 original PanPastel colors to achieve custom pearlescent effects.
  3. Mixable and Versatile: Like the original PanPastel colors, the Pearlescent Colors are mixable, allowing artists to create a wide range of pearlescent shades and combinations. They are also versatile and can be used for various art techniques and projects.
  4. Erasable and Low Dust: PanPastel Pearlescent Colors, like the original line, are erasable and have a low-dust formulation, making them suitable for precise and detailed work while keeping the workspace clean.
  5. High-Quality Pigments: The Pearlescent Colors are made with high-quality artists’ pigments, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting pearlescent effects in the artwork.
  6. Professional-Grade: PanPastel Pearlescent Colors maintain the same professional-grade quality as the original PanPastel line, offering artists the assurance of high performance and excellent results.

PanPastel Pearlescent Colors provide artists with an exciting option to add a sophisticated and shimmering touch to their artwork. Whether used on their own or mixed with other PanPastel colors, these pearlescent pigments offer versatility and creative possibilities to artists working with this innovative and unique pastel medium. With their lustrous and elegant properties, PanPastel Pearlescent Colors allow artists to achieve captivating and eye-catching pearlescent effects in their artworks.


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