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Arches WC Sheet Nat White 56x76cm per sheet

The Arches Watercolor Sheet in Natural White is a premium-quality watercolor paper sheet designed for artists working with various wet media. Here are the key features and specifications of this watercolor sheet:

  1. Sheet Size: Each Arches Watercolor Sheet measures 56×76 centimeters, providing a large and versatile surface area for artists to work on.
  2. Paper Production: The paper is made using the traditional cylinder mould method, which ensures a harmonious natural grain and even distribution of fibers. This method also allows the paper to slacken uniformly when wet, providing a stable surface for watercolor painting and other wet media techniques.
  3. Composition: The Arches Watercolor Sheet is composed of 100% cotton with long fibers. This composition gives the paper its strength, beauty, lasting natural whiteness, and unique touch. The use of high-quality cotton fibers contributes to the paper’s excellent performance with wet media.
  4. Versatile Use: The watercolor sheet is not limited to watercolor painting; it is also suitable for other wet techniques such as ink, gouache, and acrylic. The paper’s texture and sizing make it well-suited for various artistic techniques.
  5. Sizing: The paper is sized to the core with natural gelatin. Sizing is a process where the paper surface is treated to improve its ability to handle wet media, control the absorption of pigments, and prevent paint from seeping into the paper fibers. The use of natural gelatin for sizing ensures that the paper retains its natural characteristics and enhances its performance with wet media.