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Art Paper Board

The Art Paper Boards by Faber-Castell are sturdy and versatile boards designed for various art projects, including smaller artworks and acrylic paint-pouring. Here are the key features and product details of these art paper boards:

  1. Sturdy and Versatile: The boards are built to be sturdy, making them suitable for various art techniques and projects. They can handle different media and painting styles.
  2. Soft-Linen Embossing: The boards feature a unique soft-linen embossing on the covering. This surface texture can be left as it is, providing an interesting and distinctive background for artworks, or a primer can be used to create a thicker surface.
  3. Ideal for Students and Experienced Artists: These art paper boards are suitable for artists of all levels, from students to experienced professionals. They offer a reliable and convenient surface for practicing and creating art.
  4. Multi-Media Friendly: The boards are multi-media friendly, allowing artists to work with a variety of art materials, such as oils, watercolors, and acrylics. This versatility provides artists with the freedom to explore different techniques and experiment with various media.
  5. Acid-Free: The boards are acid-free, ensuring that they won’t deteriorate or yellow over time. This makes them suitable for long-lasting artworks that won’t be affected by acidic components in the paper.
  6. Available in Packs of 5: The Art Paper Boards are available in packs of 5, providing artists with multiple surfaces to work on and experiment with.
  7. Available Sizes: The boards come in three different sizes: A5, A4, and A3. This variety of sizes allows artists to choose the most suitable size for their specific projects and artistic needs.


In summary, Faber-Castell’s Art Paper Boards are a reliable and versatile choice for art projects. Their sturdiness and multi-media compatibility make them suitable for students and experienced artists alike. Whether you’re using oils, watercolors, or acrylics, these acid-free boards offer a smooth and convenient surface for expressing your creativity. With a soft-linen embossing, they provide an interesting background, or artists can use a primer to create a thicker surface. The availability of different sizes allows for flexibility in choosing the right canvas for various artworks.