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Blender Lyra Splender

The Lyra Rembrandt Splender Pencil is a specialized tool designed to enhance and add luminosity to your artwork, particularly when working with colored pencils. Here are the key features and uses of this product:

Enhancing Luminosity: The Splender pencil is specifically crafted to intensify the colors in your artwork when applied over them. It brings out the vibrancy of the colors, adding a high level of realism to the final result.

Glossy Polishing Effect: When used as a glossy polisher over the colored areas in your drawing, the Splender pencil creates a professional photographic sheen, giving your artwork a polished and refined appearance.

Versatile Use: The Splender pencil can be used in multiple ways. It can intensify colors by rubbing it over the colored areas, and it is also suitable for blending colors together smoothly.

Colorless Lead: The Splender pencil has a colorless lead, making it a valuable tool for adding sheen and luminosity without altering the original colors of your artwork.

Smooth and Round Body: The pencil’s smooth and round body ensures a comfortable grip and easy handling during application.

Dimensions: The Splender pencil has dimensions of 175 mm (length) and 7 mm (diameter), with a lead diameter of 4 mm.

Single Pencil Format: The product is available as a single pencil, allowing artists to purchase it as needed for their artistic projects.


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The Lyra Rembrandt Splender Pencil is a powerful tool that can take your colored pencil artwork to the next level. Its ability to intensify colors and create a glossy sheen adds a professional touch to your drawings, giving them a realistic and polished appearance. Artists can use this pencil to achieve stunning effects and create eye-catching art pieces with enhanced luminosity. Whether you are working on drawings, sketches, or illustrations, the Splender pencil can be a valuable addition to your artist’s toolkit.