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Blender/Rubber Brush Set 5pcs

The Blender/Rubber Brush Set is a unique and versatile toolset designed for color shaping and blending in various art forms. Here are the key features and uses of this brush set:

Set of Five Brushes: The set includes five brushes with special rubber composite tips, each designed with a specific style for different techniques.

Color Shaping & Blending: These rubber brushes are excellent for shaping and blending colors in artworks, allowing artists to achieve seamless transitions and smooth gradients.

17cm Length Brushes: The brushes are approximately 17cm (6.7 inches) in length, providing a comfortable grip for artists during use.

Soft Rubber Tips: The tips of the brushes are made from a soft rubber composite, which is ideal for gentle blending and creating various effects in the artwork.

Five Styles: The set includes brushes with different tip shapes, such as taper point, angle chisel, flat chisel, cup chisel, and cup round, providing a range of options for artists to experiment with.

Hardwood Handles: The brushes have hardwood handles, which are sturdy and durable, with color-coded lacquer for easy selection of the desired brush.

Seamless Non-Rusting Ferrules: The brushes have seamless non-rusting aluminum ferrules, ensuring the longevity and quality of the brushes.

Versatile Applications: While primarily designed for use with oil or acrylic paint, these brushes can also be used for cake decorating and pottery due to their unique rubber tips.

Easy Cleaning: The brushes can be cleaned with water or solvent, depending on the medium used, making maintenance hassle-free.


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The Blender/Rubber Brush Set offers artists a creative and innovative tool for exploring different blending and shaping techniques in their artwork. Whether working with oil, acrylic, cake decorating, or pottery, these brushes provide versatility and ease of use. The soft rubber tips allow for subtle adjustments and smooth transitions, giving artists greater control over their artistic expression. This brush set is a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit and can be used to add unique textures and effects to their creations.