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Block Printing Ink 250ml #3 Blue

Dala Block Printing Ink is a high-quality water-based ink designed specifically for lino, mono, or block printing. Here are the key features and advantages of this product:

Water-Based: Dala Block Printing Ink is a water-based product, making it easy to clean up and suitable for use in various printing techniques.

Ideal for Lino, Mono, and Block Printing: The ink is specifically formulated for lino, mono, and block printing methods, providing excellent results on these surfaces.

Extended Open Time: One of the notable features of this ink is its extended open time. It remains workable for a prolonged period, typically in excess of 24 hours. This allows artists to do multiple prints without the need to wash the printing surface (e.g., lino or block), rollers, or the roll-out glass in between prints.

Consistency Control: The open time of the ink can vary depending on the thickness of the ink film and the prevailing weather conditions. Artists can adjust the ink’s consistency to suit their specific needs, giving them greater control over their printing process.

Multiple Printings: The extended open time allows artists to make multiple prints from a single application of ink, streamlining the printing process and enabling consistent results across the edition.

Easy Cleanup: Being water-based, the ink can be easily cleaned from tools, surfaces, and printing blocks, simplifying the cleanup process.


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Dala Block Printing Ink provides artists with a reliable and versatile solution for block printing. Its extended open time ensures that artists have sufficient time to create multiple prints without the need for frequent cleaning or reapplication of ink. This feature makes the ink particularly convenient for artists working on editions or creating multiple copies of their prints. Whether beginners or experienced artists, anyone engaged in lino, mono, or block printing can benefit from using Dala Block Printing Ink for its user-friendly properties and consistent results.