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Canson Montval Spiral Pad 300g 31x41cm 12 sheets A3

The Canson Montval Spiral Pad is a top-quality watercolor practice paper that offers excellent features for artists of all levels. This specific pad is A3 size, measuring 31x41cm, and it contains 12 sheets of 300gsm (grams per square meter) cold-pressed (Not) textured watercolor paper.

Cold-pressed paper has a textured surface that is ideal for creating watercolor paintings with a variety of techniques, providing artists with the opportunity to achieve different effects and textures in their artwork.

Montval is a well-known and trusted brand by Canson, known for its high-quality watercolor papers. This pad is suitable for all wet techniques, including watercolor, gouache, ink, and acrylic, making it a versatile option for artists who enjoy experimenting with different mediums.

The forgiving nature of Montval paper makes it perfect for beginners and improvers. Artists can easily lift off paint from the paper to correct mistakes or make adjustments to their artwork without damaging the surface of the paper.

Furthermore, the paper is very robust and can withstand scraping without causing damage to the paper surface. This feature ensures that artists can confidently use various watercolor techniques, including scratching or scraping techniques, without worrying about harming the paper.


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In summary, the Canson Montval Spiral Pad with 12 sheets of 300gsm A3 size watercolor paper is a reliable and high-quality option for artists who want to practice and experiment with watercolor and other wet techniques. Its forgiving nature, sturdy construction, and suitability for various mediums make it an excellent choice for artists of all levels who seek a top-notch watercolor paper for their artistic journey.