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Canson XL Bristol Pad 180g 50 sheets A3

The Canson XL Bristol Pad is a high-quality paper pad designed for various artistic purposes. It comes with 50 sheets of smooth and extra white paper, with each sheet having a weight of 180g/m². The pad size is 297 mm x 420 mm, which is standard A3 size. The pad is glued at the top, allowing for easy and convenient tear-off of sheets.

One of the primary features of this paper is its ultra-smooth surface, which makes it ideal for working with different mediums, such as pencils, inks, and airbrushes. The smoothness of the paper ensures that artists can achieve precise and detailed work, making it suitable for illustrations, graphic design, and other fine art applications.

The extra white color of the paper provides a clean and bright background for artwork, ensuring that colors and lines stand out vividly on the page.

With a weight of 180g/m², the paper offers a good balance between thickness and flexibility. It is sturdy enough to handle various techniques and media without warping or buckling, yet it remains flexible and easy to work with.

Overall, the Canson XL Bristol Pad is an excellent choice for artists and designers looking for a reliable and versatile paper for their artistic creations. Its ultra-smooth surface, extra white color, and compatibility with pencils, inks, and airbrushes make it a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit. The large number of sheets in the pad ensures that artists have plenty of paper to work with and experiment on.


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