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Canson XL Bristol Spiral Pad 180g 50 sheets A4

The Canson XL Bristol Spiral Pad is a high-quality paper pad that provides an excellent surface for various artistic techniques. This particular pad comes with 50 sheets of Bristol paper, each measuring A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm).

The paper in this pad has a satin finish, making it ultra-white and extremely smooth to the touch. The satin finish provides artists with a surface that allows for precise and crisp lines, making it ideal for fine detail work.

One of the standout features of XL Bristol paper is its durability. It can withstand repeated scraping and erase corrections without compromising the paper’s integrity. This feature is especially valuable for artists who often need to make adjustments and refinements to their artwork.

The paper is well-suited for a variety of mediums and techniques, including pencils, inks, markers, nibs, and airbrush. The smooth surface of XL Bristol paper ensures that artists can achieve the desired effects and create artworks with clean and sharp lines.

The generous quantity of 50 sheets in the pad provides artists with plenty of paper to work on, allowing for extensive practice and experimentation with different artistic styles and techniques.


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In summary, the Canson XL Bristol Spiral Pad offers a durable and ultra-smooth paper surface that is perfect for creating precise and detailed artwork. Its suitability for various mediums and techniques makes it a versatile choice for artists, illustrators, and designers. The pad’s A4 size and ample sheet count ensure that artists have the necessary resources to explore their creativity and achieve exceptional results.