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Canson XL Mixed Media Spiral Pad 300g 30 sheets A3

The Canson XL Mixed Media Spiral Pad is a high-quality paper pad designed to accommodate various artistic techniques. This particular pad comes with 30 sheets of mixed media paper, each measuring A3 size (297 mm x 420 mm). The paper has a substantial weight of 300gsm (140lbs), making it suitable for handling wet media like watercolor and acrylic.

One of the key features of this paper is its medium texture, which provides artists with a versatile surface to work on. The medium texture strikes a balance between smoothness and roughness, making it suitable for both fine detail work and textured effects.

The paper is well-suited for a range of artistic mediums, including watercolor and acrylic. Its 300gsm weight allows it to handle watercolor washes and acrylic paints without warping or buckling.

Additionally, the pad is microperforated, which means the sheets are designed to tear out easily and cleanly. This feature is convenient for artists who wish to remove their finished artwork from the pad to display or preserve them separately.

Overall, the Canson XL Mixed Media Spiral Pad is an excellent choice for artists who enjoy working with a combination of mediums. Its A3 size, substantial weight, and medium texture provide a versatile and reliable surface for creating mixed media artwork. With 30 sheets in the pad, artists have plenty of opportunities to explore their creativity and experiment with different artistic techniques.


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