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Charcoal Derwent XL Tin 6

Introducing our XL Charcoal Blocks, a collection that embodies all the qualities you love about charcoal. These chunky blocks offer incredible versatility and are naturally water-soluble, allowing you to create a wide range of captivating textures and effects. With their impressive size, they provide ample material for your artistic endeavors.

The XL Charcoal Blocks come in six muted shades, including Ochre, Sanguine, Mars Violet, Sepia, Black, and White. Each block offers a distinct hue, enabling you to explore a variety of tonal possibilities and create depth in your artwork.

What sets these blocks apart is their natural water-solubility. By using them on a damp surface, you can release an abundance of color rapidly, allowing for quick and expressive mark-making. Moreover, you have the freedom to build up layers of different colors as you progress, adding richness and complexity to your compositions.


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Unleash your creativity with XL Charcoal Blocks and experience their versatility. Whether you’re creating expressive sketches, detailed drawings, or mixed media pieces, these blocks offer limitless possibilities. Enjoy the tactile nature of charcoal as it effortlessly glides across the surface, leaving behind dynamic textures and captivating effects.

Discover the magic of XL Charcoal Blocks and bring your artistic vision to life with their unique properties. Embrace the joy of working with these naturally water-soluble blocks and explore the endless potential they offer for your creative journey.