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Conte Sticks Bistre 2psc

Conté Sticks Bistre are a type of drawing medium, specifically Conté crayons, that come in the color bistre. Here are some key points about Conté crayons in general:

Composition: Conté crayons are made of compressed powdered graphite or charcoal mixed with a wax or clay base. The combination of materials was invented in 1795 by Nicolas-Jacques Conté to address a graphite shortage during the Napoleonic Wars.

Shape and Format: Conté crayons are square in cross-section, which makes them suitable for detailed and hatched work. They come in sticks or crayon-like forms.

Colors: Conté crayons are available in various colors, including black, white, sanguine (reddish-brown), bistre (brownish-gray), shades of grey, and other colors. They may also be found in sets with an assortment of colors.

Versatility: Conté crayons are versatile and can be used for various drawing techniques, including sketching, underdrawing for paintings, and creating entire works of art.

Texture and Mixing: They are known for their smooth texture and ability to mix well on paper. The colors can be layered to create various hues and values.

Suitable Surfaces: Conté crayons are commonly used on rough paper that holds pigment grains well. They can also be used on primed canvases for underdrawing in paintings.


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Detailed Work: The square profile of Conté crayons makes them ideal for detailed and hatched work, which is different from the bolder style often associated with soft pastels.

Field and Color Studies: Conté crayon sets are useful for field studies and color studies. Artists appreciate their bright spectrum hues and their ability to create a wide range of colors.

Artist Uses: Some artists use Conté crayons for creating entire artworks, while others use them for underdrawing before applying dry pastels or painting layers.

In summary, Conté Sticks Bistre are one of the many colors available in the Conté crayon range. These crayons are beloved by artists for their smooth texture, ability to mix well, and suitability for detailed work, making them a versatile and valuable drawing tool.