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Dala Acrylic Gel Medium 500ml

The Dala Acrylic Gel Medium is a versatile paint additive that serves various purposes and can be used with acrylic paints and other artistic applications. Here are some of its key uses:

  1. Acrylic paint extender and diluter: When added to acrylic paint, the gel medium acts as an extender, increasing the volume of paint without significantly altering its color. It also works as a diluter, allowing artists to create more translucent and transparent paint layers.
  2. Thickener for impasto effects: Impasto is a technique where paint is applied thickly to create texture on the canvas. The gel medium can be used as a thickener to achieve impasto effects, adding depth and dimension to the artwork.
  3. Turning powder tempera into acrylic paint: When mixed with powder tempera, the gel medium transforms it into an acrylic paint, enhancing its adhesive properties and making it suitable for use on various surfaces.
  4. Protective layer and sealant: The gel medium can be applied as a protective layer or sealant over finished artwork, similar to using a decoupage medium like “podge.” This helps protect the artwork and adds a glossy or matte finish, depending on the type of gel medium used.
  5. Fabric stiffener for sculptural effects: When applied to fabric, the gel medium can stiffen it, allowing artists to create sculptural effects with textiles.
  6. Glue for delicate materials and mixed media projects: The gel medium acts as an adhesive, making it suitable for working with delicate soft materials in mixed media and collage projects.
  7. Base for creating texture paste: Artists can use the gel medium as a base to create their own texture paste by adding various materials like sand, sawdust, or fibers to achieve unique textured effects.
  8. Binder for paper mache: The gel medium can serve as an ideal binder when making paper mache, providing a strong adhesive for the layers of paper and creating a sturdy structure.
  9. Image transferring medium: The gel medium can be used as a medium for image transferring techniques, allowing artists to transfer printed images or photographs onto various surfaces like canvas or wood.


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Overall, Dala Acrylic Gel Medium is a valuable tool for artists, offering a wide range of applications in acrylic painting, mixed media projects, sculpture, and other creative endeavors. Its ability to act as an extender, diluter, adhesive, and protective layer makes it a versatile and essential addition to any artist’s toolkit.