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Dala Acrylic Glaze Medium Matt 250ml

The Dala Acrylic Glaze Medium Matt is a pure acrylic medium designed for reducing the glossy sheen of acrylic paint and providing a matte finish. It offers the following uses:

  1. Reduces glossy sheen: When mixed with acrylic paint, the glaze medium mattifies the finish, reducing the glossy appearance of the paint. This is particularly useful for artists who prefer a more subdued or non-reflective surface for their artwork.
  2. Final protective layer: The glaze medium can also be applied as a final protective layer over acrylic paintings. This protective layer helps safeguard the artwork and provides a matte finish that enhances the colors while eliminating any unwanted glare or reflections.


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In summary, the Dala Acrylic Glaze Medium Matt serves as both a medium for adjusting the sheen of acrylic paint and a protective layer for finished artworks. Artists can use this medium to achieve a matte surface and protect their acrylic paintings, ensuring the longevity and preservation of their creative work.