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Dala Acrylic Texture Paste 500ml

Dala Acrylic Texture Paste is a thick off-white acrylic medium designed to add body and texture to acrylic paint, enhancing the depth and structure of artworks. This versatile medium offers various uses and benefits:

  1. Adding body and texture: When applied straight to the canvas, the texture paste creates raised areas and textural elements. These raised areas can enhance the visual appeal of the artwork by adding depth and dimension.
  2. Exaggerating textures and colors: Texture paste is excellent for exaggerating textures and colors in artworks. It allows artists to create bold and striking effects, making the artwork more visually interesting and engaging.
  3. Creating interesting textures: By applying the texture paste and allowing it to dry before painting over it, artists can create captivating and unique textures in their artwork. The paint applied on top will interact with the texture paste, resulting in visually intriguing effects.
  4. Mixing into acrylic paint: Texture paste can also be mixed directly into acrylic paint to thicken the paint and add texture. This creates a custom paint mixture that can be applied to the canvas to achieve specific textural effects.


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Overall, Dala Acrylic Texture Paste offers artists the ability to experiment with different textures and add dimension to their artwork. Whether used on its own or mixed with paint, this medium provides a creative way to explore and enhance the visual elements of acrylic paintings.