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Dala Artist Stand Oil 100ml

Dala Artist Stand Oil is a clear and thick carrier oil specifically designed for use with artists’ oil colors. It offers several benefits that can enhance the painting process and the final appearance of the artwork:

  1. Improved gloss and color intensity: As a thicker version of linseed oil, stand oil enhances the gloss and shine of the oil paint. It also intensifies the color of the paint, resulting in a more vibrant and lustrous finish.
  2. Enamel-like finish: When used with oil colors, stand oil can produce an enamel-like finish, giving the painting a smooth and glossy appearance. This effect is particularly desirable for artists seeking a polished and refined look in their artwork.
  3. Increased flexibility: Stand oil enhances the flexibility of oil paints, which can be beneficial for artists working on flexible surfaces like canvas. It helps prevent cracking and ensures the artwork remains stable over time.
  4. Aids in leveling: Stand oil aids in the leveling of the painted surface, allowing the paint to spread evenly and creating a smooth and consistent texture.
  5. Dilution with artist’s turpentine: Artists can dilute stand oil with artist’s turpentine to increase the flow of the paint. This enables smoother brushwork and better control over the application of the oil colors.
  6. Resistant to yellowing: Stand oil is less prone to yellowing compared to some other oil mediums. This quality helps in maintaining the clarity and brightness of the colors in the long term.


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In summary, Dala Artist Stand Oil is a valuable medium for oil painters looking to achieve a glossy and vibrant finish in their artwork. Its ability to enhance gloss and color intensity, along with providing increased flexibility and leveling, makes it a versatile tool for oil painting techniques. Its resistance to yellowing is an added advantage in ensuring the longevity and preservation of the artwork’s original colors.