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Dala Canvas Primer 500ml

Dala Canvas Primer is a creamy, white medium specifically designed to prepare canvases before applying paint. It offers the following features and benefits:

  1. Improves paint adhesion: The canvas primer provides a surface with a lot of “tooth,” which means it has a textured and slightly rough surface. This texture enhances the adhesion of the paint to the canvas, allowing for better paint application and reducing the risk of paint peeling or flaking over time.
  2. Suitable for oil paint applications: The canvas primer has a high latex content, making it more suitable for use with oil paints. The latex content ensures compatibility with oil-based paints and helps create a stable and durable surface for oil painting.

By applying Dala Canvas Primer to the canvas before starting a painting, artists can create a well-prepared surface that promotes good paint adhesion and enhances the longevity of the artwork. This primed canvas provides a solid foundation for both oil and acrylic paintings, ensuring that the colors adhere well to the substrate and remain intact over time.


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