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Dala Ceramics @ Home 50ml

Dala Ceramics @ Home is a water-based decorative paint specially designed for use on ceramics, glass, and glazed pottery. It offers several unique features and benefits:

  1. Thermo-set and home oven curing: The paint is thermo-set, meaning it can be cured in a standard home oven, eliminating the need for specialized kilns or firing equipment. This makes it convenient for artists and crafters to create and cure their ceramic and glass creations at home.
  2. Scratch, heat, and chemical resistance: When cured correctly, Dala Ceramics @ Home forms a hard and durable film on the surface of the decorated item. This film is resistant to scratches, heat, and chemicals, ensuring the longevity and durability of the artwork.
  3. Versatility in application: The paint is suitable for decorating a variety of surfaces, including glazed ceramics, pottery, glass, kitchen, and bathroom tiles, tin, and enamel. This versatility allows artists to explore different creative projects and applications.
  4. Water-based and non-toxic: Being water-based, Dala Ceramics @ Home is safe to use and does not emit harmful fumes. It is a non-toxic product, making it suitable for use in home settings, including areas like kitchenware or children’s items.

Overall, Dala Ceramics @ Home is an ideal choice for artists and crafters looking to decorate ceramics, glass, and glazed pottery with a durable and heat-resistant finish. Its water-based nature and home oven curing capability offer convenience and safety in creative ceramic and glass projects.