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Dala Fan Brush

The Dala Fan Brush is a specialized brush designed for blending and creating various artistic effects. It offers unique features that make it ideal for specific painting techniques:

  1. Fanned, natural hog hair bristles: The brush features fanned bristles made from natural hog hair. The fanned shape allows for broad strokes and smooth blending, while the natural hog hair provides texture and grip for effective paint application.
  2. Strong give for intense blending: The brush’s bristles have a strong give, meaning they are flexible and responsive to pressure. This quality allows artists to achieve intense blending of colors, creating seamless transitions and soft gradients in their artworks.
  3. Perfect gradients: With the Dala Fan Brush, artists can easily achieve perfect gradients and smooth color transitions. The fan shape is particularly suitable for blending colors together seamlessly.
  4. Blur effects: The brush is also useful for adding blur effects in artworks. By lightly dragging the brush across the painted surface, artists can create soft and diffused areas, adding depth and atmosphere to their paintings.


Overall, the Dala Fan Brush is a valuable tool for artists looking to achieve smooth blending and soft effects in their artworks. Its fanned bristles and strong give provide the necessary control and versatility for creating stunning gradients and blur effects, making it an essential addition to any artist’s brush collection.