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Dala Flow Acrylic Medium

Dala Flow Acrylic Medium is a liquid diluent and binder specifically designed for use with flow acrylic and craft paints. It offers the following features and benefits:

  1. Dilutes paint: The flow acrylic medium dilutes the paint, making it more fluid and easy to work with. This allows artists to create fluid and pouring acrylic artworks with smooth and flowing dynamics.
  2. Enhances fluidity: By using the flow acrylic medium, artists can achieve a more fluid consistency in their paint, which is especially desirable for techniques like pouring, dripping, or creating abstract fluid art.
  3. Binder properties: The medium also acts as a binder, helping to hold the pigments together and maintain the integrity of the paint even when thinned down.
  4. Compatible with flow acrylic and craft paints: The flow acrylic medium is specifically formulated to work well with flow acrylic paints and craft paints, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Overall, Dala Flow Acrylic Medium is a valuable tool for artists who want to create fluid and pouring acrylic artworks. Its ability to dilute paint and enhance its fluidity makes it an essential medium for artists interested in exploring various acrylic pouring techniques and achieving captivating, flowing effects in their artwork.