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Dala Gesso Primer Black 500ml

Dala Gesso Primer Black is a creamy medium designed to coat canvases before applying paint, providing a surface that improves the adhesion of paint to the canvas. This black gesso primer offers the following features and benefits:

  1. Improves paint adhesion: The gesso primer creates a preparatory layer with a high solid content, ensuring a textured and absorbent surface. This texture enhances the paint’s adhesion to the canvas, helping to prevent paint from peeling or flaking over time.
  2. Suitable for both acrylic and oil paint applications: Dala Gesso Primer Black has a low latex content and high solid content, making it suitable for use with both acrylic and oil paints. The gesso’s versatility allows artists to work with different paint types on the same primed surface.

By applying Dala Gesso Primer Black to the canvas, artists can create a well-prepared surface that improves paint adhesion and promotes the longevity of their artwork. The black color of the gesso can also be useful as a base for artworks where darker undertones are desired or as a contrasting background for certain painting techniques. This primer’s compatibility with both acrylic and oil paints offers artists flexibility and convenience in their creative process.


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