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Dala Glass Glaze 50ml – Glaze

Dala Glass Glaze is a water-based, transparent color product that offers several features and benefits, making it ideal for working on smooth surfaces such as glass, perspex, or acetate:

  1. Transparent color with the option for opacity: The glass glaze is initially transparent, allowing the underlying surface’s characteristics to show through. However, by applying multiple layers, it can be made opaque, providing versatility in achieving different levels of opacity and color intensity.
  2. Low viscosity: With a low viscosity, the glass glaze has a thinner consistency, enabling smooth and even application on the surface. This allows artists to work with precision and achieve a seamless glass-like finish without brush marks.
  3. Perfect reproduction of the substrate: When applied, the glaze reproduces the surface of the substrate perfectly. This means that the glaze adheres well to the surface, creating a flawless and realistic glass-like finish.
  4. Glass-like finish with no brush marks: The combination of the glaze’s low viscosity and its ability to reproduce the substrate’s surface results in a glass-like finish with no visible brush marks. This professional-looking finish adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork.

Given its water-based nature, Dala Glass Glaze offers ease of use, quick cleanup, and is suitable for artists and crafters of various skill levels. Its ability to create both transparent and opaque effects, along with its seamless and glossy finish, makes it an excellent choice for glass art and craft projects, window decorations, and other smooth surface applications.


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