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Dala Glass Stain 50ml

Dala Glass Stain is a solvent-based, transparent color product specially designed for working on flat, smooth surfaces like glass, perspex, or acetate. It offers several unique features and benefits:

  1. High viscosity: The glass stain has a high viscosity, meaning it is thick and has a dense consistency. This allows artists to apply the stain more precisely and control the flow of color on the surface.
  2. Transparent color: The glass stain is transparent, which means it allows light to pass through and retains the transparency of the underlying surface. This makes it ideal for creating vibrant and colorful stained glass-like effects on glass or other smooth materials.
  3. Flat, glossy finish: After drying, the glass stain forms a flat, glossy finish on the surface. The gloss adds a beautiful sheen and enhances the colors, while the flat finish remains level with the horizontal surface it’s applied to, creating a seamless appearance.
  4. Suitable for various surfaces: Dala Glass Stain is specifically formulated for flat, smooth surfaces like glass, perspex, and acetate. This makes it ideal for various art and craft applications, including glass painting, creating window decorations, and enhancing translucent materials.

As a solvent-based product, it’s important to use Dala Glass Stain in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines. The high viscosity and transparent nature of this stain offer artists the ability to create stunning and professional-looking glass art and craft projects with a glossy and seamless finish.