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Dala Gold Filbert Brush

The Dala Gold Filbert Brush is a high-quality synthetic brush made from Golden Taklon filament, which resembles the appearance and performance of red sable bristle. Here are the key features and benefits of this brush:

  1. Reddish gold Taklon filament: The brush is made with reddish gold Taklon filament, providing softness, durability, and excellent paint-holding properties. Golden Taklon is a synthetic material that closely resembles the characteristics of red sable bristle.
  2. Soft and quality synthetic brush: Dala Golden Taklon brushes are known for their softness and quality. The synthetic bristles make them suitable for various painting techniques and materials.
  3. Filbert shape: The brush has a filbert shape, which is flat with a rounded edge. This unique shape allows artists to achieve a wide range of brush strokes, from base coating to applying washes, as well as creating flowing organic shapes and dynamic lines.
  4. Versatile application: The Dala Gold Filbert Brush is suitable for a variety of painting tasks. Artists can use it for base coating large areas, applying washes, creating smooth transitions, and painting organic shapes with ease.
  5. Blue painted handle: The brush features a blue painted handle, which not only adds a touch of aesthetics but also provides a comfortable grip for extended painting sessions.


Overall, the Dala Gold Filbert Brush is a versatile and reliable tool for artists of all levels. Its filbert shape, soft Taklon filament, and synthetic bristles make it suitable for a wide range of painting techniques, offering artists the ability to create dynamic and expressive artworks.