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Dala Gold Round Brush

he Dala Gold Round Brush is a high-quality synthetic brush made from Golden Taklon filament, designed to closely resemble the appearance and performance of red sable bristle. Here are the key features and benefits of this brush:

  1. Reddish gold Taklon filament: The brush is made with reddish gold Taklon filament, providing softness, durability, and excellent paint-holding properties. Golden Taklon is a synthetic material known for its ability to mimic the characteristics of red sable bristle.
  2. Round shape with gradually tapering bristles: The brush has a round shape with bristles that gradually taper to a fine point. This unique shape allows artists to produce dynamic and expressive lines, making it perfect for detailed and intricate work.
  3. Suitable for various paint mediums: The Dala Gold Round Brush is versatile and well-suited for use with various paint mediums, including oil, acrylic, and gouache. Its high-quality bristles ensure consistent performance across different painting techniques.
  4. Professional standard: These brushes are designed to meet professional standards, making them suitable for artists who require precision and reliability in their artwork.
  5. Ideal for fine work: Due to their fine point and gradually tapering bristles, Dala Gold Round Brushes are well-suited for fine work, such as creating intricate details, fine lines, and delicate brushwork.


Overall, the Dala Gold Round Brush is a reliable and high-quality tool for artists looking to achieve fine and detailed work in oil, acrylic, gouache, and other paint mediums. Its round shape and soft Taklon filament make it perfect for producing dynamic lines and intricate details in paintings, providing artists with the necessary tools to express their creativity and skill in their artwork.