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Dala Interlocked Bright Brush

The Dala Interlocked Bright Brush is a high-quality brush featuring interlocked natural bristles. It offers several unique characteristics that make it ideal for specific painting techniques, especially in oil and heavy-bodied acrylics:

  1. Interlocked natural bristle: The brush is made from fine quality interlocked natural bristles. Interlocked bristles are more tightly packed, offering greater resilience and durability during painting sessions.
  2. Stiff resistance for maximum control: The bristles have a stiff resistance, providing artists with maximum control over their brushstrokes. This stiffness allows for precise and defined application of paint.
  3. Best suited for oils and heavy-bodied acrylics: Due to its stiff resistance and strong control, the Dala Interlocked Bright Brush is well-suited for use with oils and heavy-bodied acrylic paints. These mediums often require more control and handling, which the brush’s characteristics provide.
  4. Bright brush shape: The brush has a bright shape, which is similar to a flat brush in producing broad strokes with sharp sides. However, the bright brush has shorter bristles, giving it a different spring action. This unique feature allows for sharp edges and better control during painting.


Overall, the Dala Interlocked Bright Brush is a reliable and versatile tool for artists working with oils and heavy-bodied acrylics. Its interlocked natural bristles, stiff resistance, and bright brush shape provide the necessary control and precision for achieving sharp edges and expressive brushwork in paintings. This makes it a valuable addition to any artist’s brush collection, especially for those seeking to work with more challenging and expressive paint mediums.