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Dala Interlocked Round Brush

The Dala Interlocked Round Brush is a high-quality brush featuring interlocked natural bristles. It offers several unique characteristics that make it ideal for specific painting techniques, especially in oils and heavy-bodied acrylics:

  1. Interlocked natural bristle: The brush is made from fine quality interlocked natural bristles. Interlocked bristles are more tightly packed, offering greater resilience and durability during painting sessions.
  2. Stiff resistance for maximum control: The bristles have a stiff resistance, providing artists with maximum control over their brushstrokes. This stiffness allows for precise and defined application of paint.
  3. Best suited for oils and heavy-bodied acrylics: Due to its stiff resistance and strong control, the Dala Interlocked Round Brush is well-suited for use with oils and heavy-bodied acrylic paints. These mediums often require more control and handling, which the brush’s characteristics provide.
  4. Round brush shape: The brush has a round shape, which is versatile and adaptable for various painting techniques. It is particularly well-suited for laying down washes, filling in areas, and creating lines of different sizes.
  5. Ideal for drawing and filling large areas: The Dala Interlocked Round Brush is excellent for drawing and filling in large areas in paintings. Its round shape allows for smooth and precise application of paint, making it a valuable tool for creating detailed and expressive artwork.


Overall, the Dala Interlocked Round Brush is a reliable and versatile tool for artists working with oils and heavy-bodied acrylics. Its interlocked natural bristles, stiff resistance, and round brush shape provide the necessary control and precision for achieving various brushstrokes, making it an essential addition to any artist’s brush collection, especially for those seeking to work with more challenging and intricate paint techniques.