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Dala Linseed Oil

Dala Linseed Oil is a diluent and carrier oil specifically used with artists’ oil colors. It offers several benefits that can enhance the painting process and the final appearance of the artwork:

  1. Diluent for altering consistency: Linseed oil is a carrier oil that artists use to alter the consistency of oil paint. By adding linseed oil to the paint, artists can achieve a smoother and more fluid texture, making the paint easier to work with and manipulate.
  2. Enhances transparency: When mixed with oil colors, linseed oil can enhance the transparency of the paint, allowing underlying layers to show through. This is particularly useful for glazing techniques and creating luminous effects in the artwork.
  3. Improves flow: Linseed oil improves the flow of oil paint, making it easier to apply and blend colors on the canvas. This ensures smoother brushwork and better control over the application of the paint.
  4. Increases gloss: Linseed oil enhances the natural gloss of oil paint, giving the artwork a rich and lustrous finish. This can add depth and vibrancy to the colors, creating a visually appealing and professional-looking artwork.
  5. Speeds up drying time: While linseed oil is generally considered a slow-drying oil, it can help speed up the drying time of oil paint compared to other oils like walnut oil or safflower oil. However, it is essential to note that oil paints take longer to dry compared to acrylics, so the drying process is still relatively gradual.


Overall, Dala Linseed Oil is a valuable medium for oil painters looking to alter the consistency of their paint and achieve specific effects in their artwork. Its ability to enhance transparency, flow, gloss, and speed up the drying time makes it a versatile tool for oil painting techniques and creative expression.