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Dala White Spirits 100ml

Dala White Spirits is a petroleum-based diluent specifically used with artists’ oil colors. It offers several benefits and uses:

  1. Paint thinner: White spirits serve as a paint thinner, allowing artists to dilute oil paint and achieve a more fluid consistency. This enables artists to work with different techniques and create various effects in their oil paintings.
  2. Improves transparency and fluidity: When mixed with oil paint, white spirits can enhance the transparency and fluidity of the paint. This is advantageous for glazing techniques and achieving smooth, flowing brushwork.
  3. Accelerates drying time: White spirits can help speed up the drying time of oil paint. By promoting evaporation, the paint dries more quickly, allowing artists to build layers and proceed with their artwork more efficiently.
  4. Removal of oil-based color: Dala White Spirits is effective in removing oil-based color from surfaces and brushes. Artists can use it for cleaning their brushes and equipment after painting sessions.

It’s essential to use white spirits in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines, as it emits strong fumes and should be handled with care.


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Overall, Dala White Spirits is a versatile and useful medium for oil painters. Its ability to thin paint, improve transparency and fluidity, accelerate drying, and aid in cleaning makes it a valuable tool for artists working with oil colors.