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Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium 75ml

Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium is a product specifically designed for use with Georgian Water Mixable Oil Colors. These mediums offer an alternative to traditional oil mediums, as they can be thinned, mixed, and cleaned up using water, eliminating the need for solvents typically used in traditional oil painting.

The key features of Georgian Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium are as follows:

  1. Fast Drying Properties: This medium accelerates the drying time of water mixable oil colors. Faster drying can be advantageous, especially for artists who want to build layers quickly or those who need their artwork to dry faster to proceed with subsequent stages.
  2. Ideal for Underpaintings: Underpaintings are the initial layers of a painting that establish the overall composition and value structure. The Fast Drying Medium is particularly useful in the preparation of underpaintings, as it allows artists to proceed to the next layers of their artwork relatively quickly.
  3. Water Mixable: As part of the Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums range, this product can be mixed with water mixable oil colors easily, maintaining the water-mixable characteristics of the paint.


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To use the Georgian Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium, artists can mix it directly with their water mixable oil colors on their palette or apply it selectively to their canvas before painting. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the proper use and ratios of the medium to achieve the desired effects.

By using this fast-drying medium, artists can enjoy the convenience of water mixable oils while also experiencing the benefits of a shorter drying time, making their painting process more efficient and enabling them to achieve their desired results faster.