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Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Medium for Oil Colours 75ml

Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Medium for Oil Colours is a versatile product that facilitates the use of traditional oil colors in combination with water, making them compatible with the water mixable oil painting technique. As part of the Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums range, this medium offers an alternative to traditional oil mediums, providing artists with the convenience of being able to thin, mix, and clean up their oil colors using water instead of conventional solvents.

The key characteristics and uses of Georgian Water Mixable Medium for Oil Colours are as follows:

  1. Water Mixability: This medium acts as a bridge between traditional oil colors and the water mixable oil painting method. By mixing this medium with traditional oil colors, artists can convert their regular oil paints into water mixable oil paints. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of water mixable oils, such as easy clean-up with water and reduced reliance on toxic solvents.
  2. Thinning and Mixing: Georgian Water Mixable Medium can be used to thin down the consistency of traditional oil colors, making them more fluid and suitable for various painting techniques. It also allows artists to mix and blend colors with ease, giving them more control over the painting process.
  3. Washing with Water: Just like water mixable oil colors, when this medium is used with traditional oil colors, the resulting paint can be washed and cleaned up using water. This is a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to using traditional solvents for cleaning brushes and palettes.


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To use Georgian Water Mixable Medium for Oil Colours, artists can mix it directly with their traditional oil paints on their palette to create a water mixable paint mixture. The proportions of the medium to oil colors may vary depending on the desired effects and techniques.

Using this medium, artists can combine the qualities of traditional oil colors they love with the advantages of water mixable oils, offering a flexible and user-friendly approach to oil painting without compromising on artistic results.